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Lent Program 2014

These resources have been published for Year A by Faith & Life
(becoming Evangelisation Brisbane in 2014). Available worldwide.

Our Lent resources are available for purchase online through our secure
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You Have Set Us Free - 2014 Adult Lent Program

Lenten Reflections for Individuals and Groups

Lent Program 2014 AdultThe Gospels for Lent in 2014 engage our minds and our hearts with vivid stories:

  • the Samaritan woman at the well
  • the man Jesus cures of blindness and the Pharisses who refuse to ‘see’
  • Martha by the tomb of Lazarus

Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus we have been set free from the chains of death – in all its forms. Our baptism commits us to be people of Good News in the here and now.

The six sessions of You Have Set Us Free will provide:

  • opening prayers
  • Sunday gospels
  • gospel reflections
  • discussion questions
  • closing prayers
  • suggestions for mission in daily life

The season of Lent calls us to deepen that journey as we walk with Jesus from the temptations in the wilderness to the glory of the cross.

Available from 20 January 2014

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You Have Set Us Free - CD set

Lent Program 2014 CDBox set of CDs complement the book with:

  • audio recordings of the hymns for opening prayers
  • Gospel readings
  • scripture reflections
  • guided meditations

Each week the group will listen to a recording of a personal story of mission in daily life. The CDs assist the group process and individual reflection.

Available from 20 January 2013

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You Have Set Us Free - Poster and Prayer Cards

Lent Program 2014 PosterPoster will assist parishes and schools promote participation in groups.

Lent Prayer Cards: On the back of each card there is a prayer and a suggested activity for the week. There is also a card for Easter. Each ‘Lent Prayer Card’ pack contains 50 copies of the card for each week and 100 of the Easter card. These prayer cards are excellent for people who are unable to be a group participant.

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Available from 20 January 2013






Treasures of Hope - 2014 Children Lent to Pentecost Program

Lent Program 2014 ChildrenA new resource for teachers and leaders, suitable for use with children and young people. It provides:

  • background information focussing on the Year A Sunday Scriptures of Lent and Easter
  • prayer journal
  • weekly suggestions for prayer, meditation and school prayer assemblies
  • a narrated bible story and a weekly prayer accompanied by beautiful visuals
  • prayers and reflections for adults, suitable for staff prayer, parish meetings or personal prayer.

Two CDs with PDFs and PowerPoint Presentations.

Available from 15 November 2013

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Family Prayer Time - Lent to Easter Book

Family Prayer Time BookSimple and easy to use Year A resource for families:

  • book with Scripture stories for the Sundays of Lent, Holy Thursday and Easter Sunday
  • adult reflections
  • family prayers and rituals
  • discussion pointers
  • fun activities to do
  • guided meditations

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Family Prayer Time CDFamily Prayer Time - Lent to Easter CD

CD available with audio recordings of the stories and meditations and PowerPoint bible stories for the children to use themselves on the computer.

Available now

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A New Heart I Will Give You - 2013 Youth Lent Program

Reflection Resource for Young People

Lent Program 2014 YouthA resource designed for individuals and groups to use within parishes and schools.

Designed for individuals and groups to use within parishes and schools.

Each week offers you:

  • opportunities for prayer
  • reflection on the Sunday gospel
  • discussion activities
  • creative rituals and suggestions to engage young people with the message of Jesus in their everyday life

The resource includes a Leader’s Guide, Participants’ Journal and Leader’s PowerPoints.

Materials will be supplied as digital files.

Available 1 November 2013 as digital files.

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